Older School Age Educational Toys

Toys to consider for child development in older school children are include puppets and puppet theaters, doll houses, toy pianos, pretend play items, more comprehensive building block sets offering more complex structure opportunities, and as always, lots of writing and drawing tools, so that expressing feelings creatively is as simple as picking up a pencil.
Lot's of opportunity for pretend play and developing imaginations in children.
Kids of every age have much to gain in the mind-expanding play of make-believe.
Keep these handy for a convenient source of self-expression
It's never too early to involve children in music. Xylophones, rhythm sets and other instruments for interactive musical fun.
Toy pianos in all shapes and sizes give musical opportunities to young talents.
Older School Age Puppets
Puppets let your children act out imaginative stories that have no bounds.
Every toy we sell should inspire and stimulate creative play.
Older School Age Puppet Theaters, Puppet Stages
Let them put on puppet shows in their own puppet theater.
Older School Age Tents and Playhouses
Give your children a place to call their own!
Books for Children
Books chosen for their unique and magical creative power.
An easily accessible place to create, draw and paint is a wonderful child development opportunity.
Blocks, Construction Toys
Wooden, soft and oversized building blocks give the satisfaction of creating interesting structures.
Tables, chairs, art desks, cushions, mats, storage shelves, toy chests, and puppet theaters and easels.
Older School Age Storage
Storage shelves, bookcases, toy chests, rolling toy carts and more.
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