News on Visual Arts for Children

Links to news articles from around the world on children and art, sculpture, pottery, animation and other visual arts.

Frank Ghery played with building blocks

Frank Lloyd Wright commented that he satisfied his early interest in building structures by playing with Froebel blocks. Froebel blocks are the wooden building blocks of uniform scale relationships developed by Friedrich Fröbel in the 1830s for children to learn the
elements of geometric form, mathematics and creative design. "The maple-wood blocks...are in my fingers to this day," said Frank Lloyd Wright, attesting to the influence of the Froebel blocks on his work.
Well, another world-renowned architect talks about playing with wooden building blocks that his grandmother salvaged from a lumberyard. Frank Gehry created such architectural masterpieces as the Guggenheim Bilbao, Vitra Museum in Germany, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, and others.

In "'Frank Gehry': A bashful man and his bold buildings," by Carrie Rickey,
Philadelphia Inquirer Movie Critic, the movie by director Sidney Pollock is reviewed. The film covers the life, the work, the philosophy and the early beginnings of Gehry, including his mention of his early experience with blocks.

Is it right, wrong or creative?

When the daughter of Marlys Stapelbroek was in first grade, her teacher gave her a rectangular sheet of paper and told her to cut it the long way. The child cut it diagonally. Although it wasn't what the teacher had in mind, it was the longest cut you could make on the sheet of paper. Unfortunately, however, her teacher told her she was wrong.

Ms. Stapelbroek uses that example to make a case for nurturing creativity in children at early ages, and how creative teachers who prize creative responses can make a world of difference. The comments are in a letter to the editor in response to an article in PHYSICS TODAY, June 2005 by Lee Smolin entitled "Why No 'New Einstein'?" While the article makes a case for nurturing creativity at the graduate college level and beyond, Ms. Ms. Stapelbroek uses her children's experiences as examples of how valuing creativity and nurturing it from infancy has the greatest benefits.

This article is no longer poster in the Internet.

Teaching animation to children.

Instruction in film animation usually offered to college level students was offered to children as young as six at a summer camp, according to an article in the Kolkata Newsline. In "Animation triggers creativity in children's summer camp" by Tanushree Kanungo and Koyel Guha, the authors describe how the children produced their own films and held a screening for their parents. The children created their own characters, recorded the dialogues and hand-colored the drawings and teachers handled the digital and technical aspects.

This article is no longer poster in the Internet.

Pottery classes help mold creative children

A clay studio in Berkley, California promotes creativity by promoting experimentation and originality in the medium of clay. In "Kids and Parents Get 'Fired Up' for Creative Development Through Pottery Classes" the atrticle profiles Kids 'N' Clay Pottery Studio, where students are encouraged to explore their creativity while they learn the craft of ceramics. Founder Kevin Nierman believes that creativity is a central part of what it is to be human. And that it is essential to help young people to develop their innate desire to be creative and their innate capacity to create. He also feels that by learning to express and execute their personal visions in clay, children can become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of their ceramic studio or classroom. Another important element of Kids 'N' Clay is that it nourishes participation of families as well. The Kids 'N' Clay concept is being spread to other communities through a franchise program to qualified candidates. The story appeared in Archives.

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