Children's Factory Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials are used on Childrens Factory products?

Children's Factory manufactures all of their items using only the best materials available. They insure that all of their materials contain only the finest virgin materials and that they contain no latex. All of Children's Factory's materials meet the California TB117 standards for fire retardancy.

What is used to manufacture Children's Factory Soft Play Products?

Children's Factory outside hygenic covers use three different materials depending on use, preference, or abuse circumstances.
1) 14oz Nylon Reinforced Vinyl
2) Expanded Vinyl materials including Naugahyde®

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is a laminate product manufactured with a top and bottom layer sandwiched around a high tensile strength nylon scrim. It is cleanable with a bleach/water solution and is highly resistant to tearing.

What is expanded vinyl?

This is a puffier, thicker one-sided piece of vinyl fabric supported underneath with a cotton scrim. It is also easily cleanable and has more softness than a laminate but is less resistant to tears than their regular vinyl.

What is cotton chintz?

This material is used as an outside cover on all of Children's Factory Cuddle-Ups®. This material is treated with a stain resistant finish and can be surfaced cleaned or the cover zipped off and thrown in the washing machine/dryer using very low heat.

What goes on the inside of Children's Factory Soft Play Products?

Inside core of virgin (not previously used) urethane foam that meets all environmental and California Fire Code Requirements. Childrens Factory buys this material in large buns and fabricates all sizes and shapes and configurations in their own plant under exacting quality control standards.

Does Children's Factory use the same material for the Cuddle-Ups?

Inner core for the Children's Factory Cuddle-Ups®uses the same virgin foam except it is shredded to make for nesting and changing surfaces.

Please describe Children's Factory Mirrors?

Mirrors engender every kind of play and no room should be without as many as possible. Children's Factory mirrors are manufactured out of a material called PET. They are flexible and bendable and highly shatter resistant. Cleaning these mirrors is easy. Use Pledge furniture cleaner and a soft cloth. DO NOT use ammonia based sprays or other cleaners. Pledge cleans, polishes and prolongs the life of the mirror.

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