ADHD & Special Needs Toys

ADHD playthings should allow children to express themselves in ways that do not become stressful. Children with ADHD often have difficulty with multi-step instructions and have an inability to stay focused. Simple toys can do a better job of keeping a child focused and entertained as well as giving them an outlet to express their feelings. One rule of thumb to follow to help inspire your kids to express themselves is to encourage all efforts.
Art Supplies and Easels
Any medium such as crayons, markers, chalk, paint and clay can give a child a wealth of expressive opportunities. Sometimes you may want to suggest a subject idea to get them started. Easels and dedicated work areas can help give structure to children's a
There are many books that can hold a child's attention. Collections of rhymes, poems or short stories are a good way to start with a child who is easily distracted. Reading to a child is a good way to monitor their interest and shift to subjects that kee
Building Blocks
Block play can be great for many ages, teaching problem-solving skills as a child discovers how stacking and matching can produce different results. The number of positive outcomes is limitless, so children can continue playing until they've reached a lev
Giant Oversized Foam Blocks
Blocks offer an unlimited number of outcomes. These big padded shapes are large enough to build structures children can climb over and under. The scale and durability of these blocks make them perfect for classrooms, day care centers and waiting rooms, t
Magnetic Construction Sets
Magnetic block and construction sets have pieces that connect in more ways and allow even more imaginative opportunities. The number of positive outcomes is limitless, so children can continue playing until they've reached a level of personal satisfaction
Play Tents and Playhouses
Giving them their own place can encourage imaginative pretend play. Playhouses, play tents and moveable play panels can create an ever-changing mix of play environments. This type of play is also conducive to playing with others, allowing the development
Pretend Play
Children of almost every age benefit from the exploration of feelings that pretend play affords. Dolls, action figures, puppets, costumes and even blocks are all toy categories that allow children to fantasize and act out. Under the right supervision, the
Puppets and Puppet Stages
Puppets allow a child to act out different roles and have fun with character voices. Because puppets offer a degree of separation from real issues, they can offer opportunities for expressing emotions and learning about inappropriate behaviors.
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