The Creativity Institute carries educational toys and playthings from a select group of manufacturers and distributors. These companies have been chosen for the quality of their products and the orientation of their product lines, which coincide with our goal of helping to nurture creativity in children.


About Edushape Educational Toys

Edushape produces a variety of unique children's building blocks and other educational toys. Soft, colorful, light blocks are excellent for developing motor coordination, creativity, and understanding of geometric shapes. Giant-size soft blocks let children build giant-size structures or simply let children having fun stacking and knocking down. Edushape has blocks that are perfect for infants and toddlers - safe, colorful and fun block play. They also have a line of light-weight extra sturdy corrugated bricks that are ideal for the young architects and help develop coordination and gross motor skills. Their giant interlocking, unique, soft blocks are ideal for small hands. One of their more unique block sets has the look of traditional wooden blocks but are made of soft EVA foam.

The Creativity Institute carries a variety of different size Edushape building block sets.

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