Beka Club House Theater, 11 Community Helper Puppets and 2 Scripts

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A Beka puppet theater playhouse and a neighborhood full of Get Ready Kids puppets.

Chalk or Marker Board Surfaces:

Add handy 3-Tiered Theater Shelf Unit (+ $34.74)
Creative Value: Puppets
Open-ended dramatic play

Creative opportunities:
  • Child can make up and act out stories, brief sentences, punch lines
  • Explore character voices
  • Experiment with different movements of the puppets
  • Musical expression through singing
  • Encourages use of imagination
  • Child receives feedback to performance
  • Child experiences and learns pretend play
  • Freedom to express inner feelings
  • Builds understanding of viewpoints of others
  • Aid in overcoming shyness
 Another Extra

Beka Club House Theater, 11 Community Helper Puppets and 2 Scripts

INCLUDES TOP-MOUNTED PUPPET RACK SHOWN IN PICTURE. It's a handy place to keep your puppet cast on display and ready to perform.

An easily accessible puppet stage a puppet show is a wonderful child development opportunity. Beka puppet theaters are perfect for stimulating imaginative play. They can be puppet stages for creative performances and interactive fun with your own puppet show, as well as becoming imaginative stores, post offices, libraries, etc. The Beka Club House Theater features includes:
  • Large art surfaces are the key, with panels that can be custom decorated to portray scenes and announcements when used as a puppet stage, or decorated to suit your shop fronts.
  • All puppet theater panels are framed in hard maple.
  • The Beka Club House Theater floor model puppet theater features a 24" wide by 47" high center panel.
  • Wing panels 21" wide and are attached on each side of the puppet theater by special pinch resistant hinges.
  • These large wing panels make for a private play space.
  • The Beka Club House Theater puppet theater is free standing and comes with a pair of colorful, washable curtains that mount on a curtain rod.
  • The theater opening is 22" wide by 16 3/4" high. The ultimate in imaginative play.
  • Children can decorate and re-decorate the wall panels, which are made of your choice of erasable chalkboard or white markerboard and framed in hard maple.
  • Assembly is easily accomplished with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Metal braces that lock the puppet theater open during use are included.
  • The Beka Club House Theater Floor Theater wing panels fold in easily to make the theater very compact for storage.
Please specify your choice of chalkboard or white washable marker board surfaces.

The Puppets
Get Ready Kids PlushPups giant set of eleven mixed race Community Helper puppets is a neighborhood full of puppets representing eleven different occupations.
  • Puppets include a Caucasian and African-American firefighters, nurse, doctor, safety worker, surgeon, farmer, policeman, soldier, postal worker and teacher.
  • Multi-cultural puppets help children learn about careers and community.
  • Surface washable.
  • 12 inches tall.
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and older.

Quality PlushPups Puppets educational toys from Get Ready Kids.


The scripts included in this set are original puppet show scripts that The Creativity Institute writers have developed to be easy to perform and a fun experience for children. They can also be acted by the children in a live performance.

The "Good News, Bad News" puppet show script incorporates a 10-puppet cast in a humorous quick-moving skit. As each puppet encounters the next on the street, they exchange an original good news, bad news" joke. This puppet show length is approximately 5-6 minutes. Parts can easily eliminated to accommodate smaller numbers of performers.

The "Parents Day" puppet show script uses five of the occupation puppets in a humorous quick-moving skit in which parents have come to class to describe their jobs to the children. When something goes wrong, the class learns even more about occupations.. This puppet show length is approximately 2-3 minutes.

Also included with this puppet show script are puppet show stage directions that The Creativity Institute has put together to help staging more professional and enjoyable puppet shows, such as tips on simulating walking, etc.


(If scripts are to be emailed directly to a gift recipient, please include recipient's email address.)

Puppet Show Scripts and Script Ideas

A supply of puppet show scripts to perform keeps children interested and is wonderful for their creative development. Here's a list of places to find other puppet show script material.

Puppets and puppet theaters are categories of educational toys that are well suited to children with ADHD.

About the author.
, founder of The Creativity Institute, is a career advertising writer and creative director, Grammy nominated songwriter/musician and parent of two creative children. In creating these scripts, she has focused her talents on delighting children while including educational value.


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Get Ready Kids 12 Community Helper Puppets and Two Scripts
Our discount price, including shipping: $267.74
Get Ready Kids 12 Community Helper Puppets and Two Scripts

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